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St. Petersburg
December 6-7, 2021

The Stravinsky's Time International Festival will be held on December 6
and 7, 2021 in the building of the Catherine's Public Assembly. The festival was invented by young producers, musicians and choreographers from St. Petersburg for the 50th anniversary of the death of Igor Stravinsky.

  On December 6 and 7, Catherine's Collection (88-90, Griboedov Canal Embankment) will host the Stravinsky Time International Arts Festival, timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the great Russian composer. 

“The festival is built around the figure of the outstanding Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky, and the central project will be a new ballet production based on Les Noces. But we are not limited to this: an educational program has been announced, as well as a multimedia exhibition. The festival will become a platform for showing multimedia works by contemporary Russian composers and media artists,” says Artur Zobnin, music director of the festival's programs. 

The festival will open on December 6 at 20.00 with the premiere of Igor Stravinsky. "Wedding" - Arthur Zobnin. "Initiation", in which folklore tradition collides with modernity. The internet age is giving new meanings to old words. What used to be the property of folklore is now becoming part of the latest culture. The choreography in both productions will be presented by Irina Sergeeva and the dance company "Now it will begin ...". Performers: Chamber Choir "Festino" and Petersburg Molot Ensemble. 

And on December 7 at 20.00, the multimedia performance “Friends and Foes” will start, where the views on the musical art of Russian emigrants and millennial composers who live in Russia will clash. Composers Nastasya Khrushcheva, Oleg Gudachyov, Yaroslav Sudzilovsky, Stanislav Makovsky, Marina Poleukhina, Daria Maminova participate in the performance program. Performers: Petersburg MolOt Ensemble.  

Additional program: 

December 6 at 17.00 - meeting with the creators of the premiere performances Stravinsky's "The Wedding" - Zobnin's "Initiation" Alexandra Makarova (choir "Festino"), Irina Sergeeva (dance campaign "Now will begin") and Artur Zobnin (violinist and composer, artistic director of the festival programs "Time of Stravinsky"). Registration:


December 6 at 18.30 - "Do we need a ceremony today?". A lecture by culturologist and music critic Anna Nepsha about what a wedding really meant, why a rave is called a ritual, and what place the rite occupies in art. Registration:


December 7 at 17.00 – round table “Text and context. On the issue of publications dedicated to I.F. Stravinsky” with Anastasia Kozachenko-Stravinsky (President of the F.I. Stravinsky and His Sons Family Foundation), Ekaterina Kolosova (art critic, writer), Evgenia Krivitskaya (Chief Editor of the magazine “Musical Life”), Olga Rozhnova (Chief Curator of Museum Items of the Museum of Local Lore Lomonosov). Questions will be raised related to the relevance of texts about composers and about Stravinsky, in particular, in modern realities. What topics are of interest to readers today? How important is it to know the hero's environment in order to understand him? What else has not been saying about Stravinsky in fiction, academic and journalistic literature? 



December 7 at 18.00 - open storage of the F.I. Stravinsky and his sons. Family history through objects. Registration:


December 7 at 19.00 - lecture "Stravinsky as a symbol of the departed Russia - cultural emigration yesterday and today." Lecture by music critic Sergei Zheleznov about when, why and where he emigrated 

Stravinsky, what he did with the music of the 20th century and how he influences the composers and choreographers of the 21st century. Registration:


The festival is implemented with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund of the Russian Federation. Organizers: SPbGUK "Petersburg-Concert", Petersburg Molot Ensemble, Chamber Choir "Festino", Dance Campaign "Now It Begins", Audiovisual Art Project "Classic Electric", F. I. Stravinsky and His Sons Family Foundation. The author of the idea of the festival is Raisa Malinovskaya.  


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