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October 1, 2021

In 2021, it will be 110 years since the construction of one of the most famous architectural gems of Crimea, the New Big White Livadia Palace, built in 1911 according to the project of the Yalta architect Nikolai Petrovich Krasnov, was completed. For the construction of the southern Imperial residence, N. P. Krasnov was granted the title of Architect of the Supreme Court, and in 1913 the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts awarded him the title of academician. During its 110-year history, the Livadia Palace witnessed the fall of the Russian Empire, the birth and collapse of the Soviet state, in 1945 the fate of the post-war world was decided within its walls.  

The Livadia Palace occupies a special place in the architecture of the southern coast of Crimea. The graceful neo-Renaissance building was the last palace built for the Russian imperial family, and in many ways it is a reflection of the taste and sense of beauty of the royal couple. The snow-white walls rising above the sea in the middle of an old park and the historical events associated with this enchanting place, to this day, do not leave indifferent both local residents and guests of Livadia.  

“The F.I. Stravinsky and his sons" will take part in the scientific conference "Krasnovsky Readings" with a unique report on the elder brother of the composer - Yuri Stravinsky:

"Unknown Stravinsky. Family archive of the architect.

The personality of the architect Yuri Stravinsky is currently little studied. After the revolution, his name was practically forgotten. Now, when researchers, historians, local historians and architects have become interested in his activities, they have to collect information drop by drop from various archives. In this case, materials from the family archive of Yury Fedorovich, stored in our fund, will be of great help in their work.



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