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Moscow, 2016

In the space of the museum S.S. Prokofiev, the exhibition "3D  Prokofiev's dimension.  The project was a continuation of the Prokofiev.125 program dedicated to the anniversary celebrated in 2016.   

The creative position of S.S. Prokofiev can be described by S. Eisenstein's term “montage of attractions, which determined the main vectors of his artistic thinking. Coming out of the ideas of futurism and going through the unique school of Diaghilev's seasons, S. Prokofiev combined in his art game combinatorics, paradoxes of acoustic forms and the naturalness of personal creative behaviour. Organically crossing the territories of the most opposite genres - avant-garde choreography, radical cinema, opera innovations - the composer focused his artistic practice in the imagery of a chess game, including artistic intuition into logical structures. The personal and creative fate of S. Prokofiev coincides with the fate of the culture of the twentieth century, in which the principles of collage consciousness and the technology of visual-acoustic montage triumph.


The exposition presents the work of S. Prokofiev in the imagery of the installation. Its structure considers the artistic reality of the composer as a multi-level system in which ballet music by S. Prokofiev, cinematographic technologies, practices of performative forms and passion for the game of chess. The exposition is composed of specially prepared projects for the composer's anniversary, freely crossing genres and techniques, visuality and acoustics, behavioural culture and interactive forms. The exhibition project is accompanied by a parallel cultural program, the task of which is to implement the basic principles of S. Prokofiev's creative philosophy - removing the boundaries between the stage and the viewer.

  Museum of S.S. Prokofiev (Moscow, Kamergersky per., 6)

  Vitaly Patsyukov, Anastasia Kozachenko-Stravinskaya

  Valery Martynchik, Vladimir Smolyar,  Sergey Katran, Nikita Spiridonov, Alexey Dyakov, Daria Konovalova-Infante, Pyotr Bystrov, Olga Kroitor, Andrey Suzdalev, Alexey and Vyacheslav Osipenkov, Alla Urban, Arsen Levone, Vladimir Safarov, Vladimir Sulyagin, Kira Matissen, Mikhail Volokhov

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