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first international festival

January 25 - February 23, 2014

The first international festival "The origins of the Composer's Time" is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the first performance of the oriental opera "The Nightingale" and is dedicated to the work of Igor Stravinsky. The purpose of the festival is to show the evolution of the music of the great composer of the era of "Petrushka", "The Rite of Spring", "The Nightingale" and "The Rake's Progress". One of his most important tasks is to demonstrate the relevance of Igor Stravinsky's work in the system of modern culture, to try to visualize his scores with the help of artistic strategies in all their diversity.


25/01 – 9/02  "The origins of the Composer's Time: The Breadth of Space"
Contemporary artists R. Mendoza (USA), M. di Catrano (Switzerland), A. Damiano (Italy), S. Katran will present installations and video works that explore the space of the composer's music, visualizing Stravinsky's famous works "The Nightingale", "The Rite of Spring ”,“ The Rake’s Adventure ”, etc.
Opening January 24, 19.00

13/02 – 23/02  "The origins of the Composer's Time: The Longitude of a Thousand Faces"
The exhibition explores the phenomenon of the “composer of a thousand faces”, which manifests itself in the diversity of style and composing style of Igor Stravinsky. Works by contemporary artists from the NCCA collection will be presented, as well as visual and acoustic installations by Maxim Ksut and Vladimir Tarasov, who interpret the creative image of Stravinsky as a "musical chameleon". Moscow composers Vladimir Martynov, Pavel Karmanov, Sergei Zagniy and Oleg Paiberdin will demonstrate scores dedicated to Stravinsky.
Opening February 12, 17.00

Both expositions are based on works by contemporary artists from the NCCA collection and a unique collection of personal items, photographs, letters and other items from the Stravinsky family from Moscow and St. Petersburg.



24/01, 20.00  "Around Stravinsky". The stars of the piano class of Mikhail Voskresensky, professor of the Moscow Conservatory, will perform works by I. Stravinsky and his contemporaries - S. Prokofiev and A. Scriabin
Participants: German Kitkin, Elena Kotelnikova, Karina Magakyan, Nguyen Kim Ngan (Vietnam), Kyohei Sorita (Japan), Mikhail Turpanov, Nikita Khabin

29/01, 20.00  "Stravinsky's Vocal Vector". Nikolai Shchemlev, singer of the Moscow State Academic Chamber Theater named after. Pokrovsky (baritone), and Evgenia Kuznetsova, a student at the Moscow State Conservatory. Tchaikovsky, will perform excerpts from classical works by I. Stravinsky, M. Mussorgsky and P. Tchaikovsky, as well as Russian folk songs

31/01, 20.00  Piano concerto with 3D elements. Works by contemporary Russian composers inspired by Igor Stravinsky
Participants: Sergey Zagniy, Vladimir Martynov, Vladimir Smolyar, Natalia Cherkasova

02/02, 20.00  Piano session. Hommage a Stravinsky. Solo concert by Vladimir Martynov

07/02, 20.00  "Children's and Music Hall". Svetlana Savenko (soprano) and Yuri Polubelov (piano) will perform children's works by Igor Stravinsky

20/02, 20.00  "Homage to Stravinsky". The Contemporary Music Gallery Ensemble: Ekaterina Antokolskaya (cello) and Georgy Migunov (piano) will perform works by I. Stravinsky, Oleg Paiberdin, G. Valentini and D. Kram

The project was implemented with the support of the Paul Sacher Foundation in Switzerland

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