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second international festival

September 20-22, 2017

From September 20 to 22, the Rachmaninov Society hosted
II International Festival. I.F. Stravinsky "The origins of the Composer's Time". This festival is not just a dedication to the great composer, but also an opportunity for every connoisseur of his talent to touch the history of world culture.

The first day
12:00-13:30 - Vernissage.
16.00 – Discussion on the theme “Year of Stravinsky” in Russia – summing up. Analysis of projects implemented throughout the country, the main theses of the conference held at the GII in October - November 2017 according to Stravinsky.
Among the participants: Svetlana Savenko, Evgenia Krivitskaya, Margarita Katunyan, Anna Vinogradova, Mikhail Voskresensky, Alexei Trifonov, Vitaly Patsyukov.
19.00 - Concert of the piano class of Mikhail Voskresensky "Around Stravinsky". Concert participants:
- Andrey Shichko (Laureate of the International Competition for Young Pianists "Steps to Mastery" in St. Petersburg (Grand Prix, 2009), International Piano Competition in Takamatsu (II prize and special prizes, 2014), International Piano Competition in Brest (I prize for performance of Chopin's works and 1st prize for the performance of Liszt's works, 2015)
- Kim Ngan Nguyen (Laureate of the international competitions named after A.N. Scriabin in Moscow (3rd prize) and N.G. Rubinstein in Paris (1st prize). In 2014, she released a disc recording the first volume of "The Well-Tempered Clavier" J.S. Bach) works by A. Scriabin.
Program: I. Stravinsky "Petrushka"

Second day

12.00 - Lecture on the Stravinsky family from the 13th century. The opportunity to see and touch the old things that belonged to the Stravinsky family, to hear the legends of the family.
19.00 – Screening and discussion of the film by British director Tony Palmer “Once Upon a Time on the Border. Igor Stravinsky! Show with translation into Russian!

Day Three

16.00 - Public-talk with contemporary artists on the topic "Visualization of acoustics as a strategy for the study of music of the 20th century". Contemporary artists will talk about their projects (video performances, installations, road movie, objects, artist's book, etc.) Participants: Nikita Spiridonov, Sergey Katran, Alla Urban, Ekaterina Efimova, Daria Gusakova.

19.00 - Concert

Concert program:

I. Stravinsky, "The Rite of Spring"
Nina Rozhenetskaya, laureate of international competitions (bassoon)

I. Stravinsky, Jokes (sl. Nar.) - Kornilo, Natashka, Colonel, Elder and Hare; Two songs to the words of S. Gorodetsky - Spring (monastic), Rosyanka (Khlystovskaya) op. 6, number 1,2.
Elena Zaremba, Grammy Award winner (mezzo-soprano), Antonina Kadobnova (piano), Alexander Smirnov (trumpet)

I. Stravinsky, Italian suite from the ballet "Pulcinella" for cello and piano.
Anna Shchegoleva (cello), Oleg Martynov (piano)

I. Stravinsky Concert duet for violin and piano, 1932
Sofia Yermasova (violin), Hoang Pham Cha Mi (piano) class

Yu.S. Slesarev, professor at the Moscow State Conservatory named after P.I. Tchaikovsky.

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