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family fund 


family fund 

The main goal of Stravinsky Family Fund is the creation of the first and only museum in the world with original exhibits of the Stravinsky family. Today, the issue of preserving the unique collection of the Stravinsky family, numbering more than 3,000 exhibits, including autographs, manuscripts, documents, scores, photographs, graphics, paintings, sculpture and furniture, dating from the 18th century to the present, is especially acute.

The purpose of the museum is to ensure the preservation of cultural heritage sites and organize access to them for citizens involved in the study and popularization of the Stravinsky family.


In the photo: Roman, Igor, Anna Kirillovna, Yuri, Fedor Ignatievich, Gury Stravinsky 

(from the archive of the Stravinsky Family Fund - Stravinsky Family Fund)

Objectives of Stravinsky Family Fund:
- Education of the civilian population and popularization of the work of Igor Stravinsky and his family;
- Conducting research activities at the global level for
researchers in various fields (musicology, art history, architecture, history);
- Collection, storage and promotion of materials on this issue;

- Promoting promising and innovative initiatives in
performing arts;
- Support and implementation of exhibition projects, both academic and with elements of contemporary art;

- Support for publishing projects (catalogues, publication of abstracts of scientific conferences, articles, etc.).


in the photo: Fedor Ignatievich Stravinsky (father of the composer),

Anna Kirillovna Strvinskaya (mother of the composer) 

(from the archive of the Stravinsky Family Fund - Stravinsky Family Fund)


family fund 

Today in the world there is not a single museum with original exhibits dedicated to the great composer Igor Stravinsky  


and his family. At the moment, in the city of Ustilug (Ukraine, Volyn region) there is a Memorial Museum of Igor Stravinsky, where copies of materials are presented - autographs, photographs and posters. In Lomonosov  (Russia, St. Petersburg) in the Museum of Local Lore, part of the exposition is dedicated to Igor Stravinsky and his father, the bass of the Mariinsky Theater Fyodor Ignatievich Stravinsky. Part of the Stravinsky family archive is kept in the Paul Sacher Foundation (Switzerland, Basel). However, the Russian archive has been preserved for generations and today is part of Stravinsky Fmily Fund (Russia, Moscow).


in the photo: Anna Kirillovna and Fyodor Ignatievich Strvinsky (left);

Igor and Gury Stravinsky (right) 

(from the archive of the F.I. Stravinsky Family Foundation
and his sons - Stravinsky family Fund)

The fund is a collection of documents, photographs, works of art, a library, furniture, interior  and life, clothes. Covers the period of the XIX - XXI centuries, and refers to life  and activities of Fyodor Ignatievich Stravinsky (1843-1902, great Russian singer, bass-baritone, soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre), his sons:  Yuri Fedorovich (1878-1941, architect, author of buildings on the southern coast of Crimea in 1905-1913, custodian of the royal estates in 1917-1920),  Igor Fedorovich Stravinsky, the world famous composer,  Guria Fedorovich Stravinsky (1884-1917, singer, bass-baritone, soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre).



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