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April 28 - June 17, 2017

April 28 at 17:00 in the art foyer of the Central Museum of Musical Culture (Glinka Glinka All-Russian Museum of Musical Culture) will host the grand opening of the exhibition "... With a promise to meet again", which is dedicated to the life and work of Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky and timed to coincide with the 135th anniversary of composer's birthday.

The exhibition will feature unique exhibits provided by the Stravinsky family, which visitors will see for the first time.

The exposition is based on materials from the collection of VMOMK named after M.I. Glinka and the Igor Stravinsky Fund (Stravinsky Fund), established in 2017 by the descendants of the composer. For the first time, items belonging to the composer's father Fyodor Ignatievich Stravinsky will be demonstrated; a collection of things from the composer's mother, Anna Kirillovna Kholodovskaya, consisting of furnishings; photographs of the Stravinsky family taken in Oranienbaum, St. Petersburg and other cities, family correspondence, as well as works by contemporary artists on the theme of the composer's music.

At the opening on April 28, solemn speeches by famous musicologists and cultural figures will be heard, as well as a performance by students of the Studio of Individual Direction B.Yu. Yukhananov (MIR-5).

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